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The world of virtualisation has never been more relevant despite the cloud, because every cloud needs hardware to run. Virtualisation gives you the power and control, so let's get started.

What we do

We show you how to get the most from virtualisation

Virtualisation technology has several benefits for businesses to take advantage of but you need to follow best practice to get the benefits without the pitfalls. We show you how to get the most out of your investment.

Server Consolidation

Smaller hardware footprint means savings on rack space, electricity costs and hardware service agreements

Reduced License Costs

Make savings on software licensing when you license per physical CPU optimising your hardware utilisation

Disaster Recovery

Virtualisation gives you protection from hardware failure when licensed for vMotion and Site Recovery  

Most Popular Products


Discover a robust, bare metal hypervisor that installs directly onto your physical server. With direct access to and control of underlying resources, VMware ESXi effectively your partitions hardware to consolidate applications and reduce costs. It’s the industry leader for efficient architecture, setting the standard for reliability, performance, and support.


vSphere is the industry-leading compute virtualization platform and your first step to application modernisation. It has been rearchitected with native Kubernetes to allow customers to modernize the 70 million+ workloads now running on vSphere. Now, modern containerized applications can be run alongside existing enterprise applications in a simple and unified manner using vSphere with Tanzu.

vrealize operations

 VMware vRealize Operations delivers self-driving IT operations management for private, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments in a unified, AI-powered platform.
Offering full-stack visibility from physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure – including VMs and containers – to the applications they support, vRealize Operations provides continuous performance optimization, efficient capacity and cost planning and management, app-aware intelligent remediation, and integrated compliance. 


Site Recovery Manager is an industry-leading disaster recovery (DR) software that delivers automated orchestration of failover and fail-back to minimize downtime. Built-in non-disruptive testing and reporting simplifies audits and ensures your RTOs are met. Discover how you can get started with simple, reliable disaster recovery software.

why we do it

We’ve been there

Virtualisation on x86 and x64 processors is one of the coolest technologies of recent times. It has enabled so many cool new abilities allowing for powerful disaster recovery, reduced power consumption, easier management and the most sort after benefit of a significant reduction in costs.

We have implemented, supported and improved virtualisation at many companies. We know what works and what does not so let us help you get the most from your environment.

We want to help companies get the most out of their virtualisation investment.

Done correctly, virtualisation can give your business multiple benefits but done wrong it can cause server sprawl adding to costs and becoming completely unmanageable.

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